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Is all.me scam? Lets Review The Digital Network

Updated: Sep 9, 2019

Review of all.me digital network. We'll find out if it is a scam or not!

In this digital era of the internet, technology is moving at a faster pace now than ever before. Innovations are being made in almost every field. In 2009 when bitcoin was released, it laid the foundation of a new form of digital currencies, i.e., cryptocurrencies.

At first, like most of the innovations that seem too good be true, bitcoin was also considered as a scam by a few people. It takes some time for people to get adapted to new technology or innovation.

Although the complete process of cryptocurrencies is being made safe overtime, still we see a lot of scams happening related to cryptocurrencies. Scams like automated robots that require “investment” to start the mining process are quite common these days.

If you are a fan of decentralized social networks, you may have heard about all.me. Like other innovative technologies, all.me was also considered as a scam by a few people. So is all.me a scam? We will discuss the platform in complete detail and will decide in reality that if all.me is a scam or not?

What is all.me?

All.me is such a platform that is an ecosystem-based on a social network, where users are rewarded based on their activity. It also has a market place where users could buy or sell using the payment method provided by the platform. All.me develops a mutually beneficial relationship between the users and the platform.

All.me comprises primarily of four main modules:

Social network (meNetwork) – Users interacting over distributed social media platform.

Marketplace (me Market) – Buying and selling platform for users.

Payment Service (me Pay) – Payment service to make safe and secure online purchases.

Wallet Service (me Wallet) – Digital wallet to store and manage digital transactions.

Cryptocurrency (ME Token) – The network has its digital currency for transactions.

An innovative platform combining all these features at a single place seemed too good to be true. This became one of the reasons few critics started considering all.me as a scam.

all.me is digital network based on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology

What makes All.me Unique? – A Comprehensive all.me Review

Let’s jump into details and discuss complete details about the features offered by all.me digital network.

Social Media with Rewards

The world of social media is one of the top sensations for users. Users like to share their life events with their friends and family. All.me is also a social media where you could enjoy almost all the features offered by traditional social media platforms.

So what makes all.me different? Well, all.me is unique in a way that it rewards its users for just being active on the platform and being a prominent member of it. Users could earn up to 50% of the revenue share.

Now you must be wondering this seems to be a scam! It might seem too right to be correct, but all.me is not a scam. All.me has a lot of satisfied users in the platform that are being rewarded already.

Is all.me scam? The digital network review - Integrated payment system

Integrated Payment Service

The platform offers Fintech solution that combines blockchain technology with the network. ME is a virtual currency used in the system to make the payments. You don't need to add any external payment service as ME is easy to use digital currency integrated in the system.

You can easily create a mePay account to make your safe and secure online transactions. Users can also get a payment card to help them in their transactions.

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Market Place for Users:

E-commerce is one of the booming markets in the current era. Its volume in 2017 was estimated around $2.3 trillion, and by 2021 it is expected to be increased twice as much.

All.me is one of the platforms that provide a complete market place for its users. meMarket is a place for users to buy and sell products directly between each other. Users can also buy from international brands. The interface is friendly for users, and one-click purchases are enabled in the system.

Users can also discuss the products with sellers in real-time and could also share the details with their network, i.e., the subscribers. All the features are available at one place, and you don't need to leave the platform to perform any actions.

These kinds of features make all.me unique, and we hope that a lot of your confusions about all.me being a scam or not are cleared up till now.

Best Place for Influencers:

If you are a talented individual, who wants to create its impact on the internet world. All.me ecosystem is best for you. All.me is designed in such a way to favor the talented individuals. Users are encouraged to showcase their talent and gather likeminded individual's around them.

You could generate excellent content that will attract other platform users. They will enjoy good content, and in result, you will be able to get rewards from the system. So if you are interested, it is better to join the network to get started.

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All.me a Scam? Final Verdict

Now that we have discussed all the essential features offered by all.me, we are in a position to conclude that if all.me system is a scam or not.

All.me ecosystem is a stable network between the users and the advertisers. It offers a new way for social media users to make the best use of the system as they have earning opportunities that could be spent in the same system they are using. This approach encourages both the users and advertisers to integrate themselves in the system.

The network has its cryptocurrency, own wallets; the system also provides the token. These features are introduced and integrated to lessen the influence of third parties. Thus the network is keen to make the system safe and secure.

People or users have all the right to be suspicious about any system. It is networks responsibility to clear itself from false allegations. As far as we have observed all.me ecosystem, it a stable, fast-growing, and secure network and is not a scam. It is highly recommended to join the platform.

The app is available on App Store and Google Play.

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