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All.me review: What makes all.me an important part of the digital revolution?

Every day new digital platforms and applications are coming into the market. No matter where you live, digital platforms and applications are playing a big role in our daily life. People are shopping, communicating, making friends, even dating, and transferring money… all online. This is the online world, where we all take care of daily tasks in a way that is as fast and efficient as possible.

So here we are today to review all.me digital platform which tries to provide all needs of human being in one application.

So let’s review all.me digital network and take a deep dive and investigate the features of the modern digital ecosystem.

All.me review

What is all.me?

All.me is a digital platform (ecosystem) that combines a social network, trading platform, payment system and runs on its own cryptocurrency.

The whole platform includes four main features:

meNetwork: meNetwork is a new-generation social platform that rewards active users with digital assets.

meMarket: meMarket is a trading platform that allows users to buy and sell products from each other (C2C) as well as directly from international brands (B2C).

mePay: mePay is a FinTech solution that brings together blockchain technology, digital assets (ME Token), electronic money, as well as classic payment services. With the internal billing system, transfers can be performed instantly without commissions within the network.

ME Token: Me Token is the core of the ecosystem. ME Token is a digital asset or cryptocurrency of the platform which allows people to buy and sell goods in meMarket, make payments via using mePay or transfer the cryptocurrency to other accounts.

All.me’s meNetwork is the social network of the platform. Users can post photos videos, make friends, and communicate with each other and finding amazing magazines and content. But the interesting feature which meNetwork has and that makes it stand out from other social media networks is content monetization for active users.

All.me review: How monetizing of the users works?

It means every user can earn money (via ME Token) on the platform by being an active user and creating outstanding content.

When a user creates interesting content, they attract others and gain lots of followers, they earn by electing for ads to be displayed on their profile to their followers. The platform gives 50 percent of ad revenue to the users. The founder of all.me says in his interviews, “We believe that people should earn money by being active on social media. It is not a one way road just for company owners to earn money from users activities and not paying them. This is not fair!”

So this feature (I mean the monetizing of the users to 50% of ad revenue) is a valuable feature for bloggers, influencers or any active social media user! This feature let people earn tokens in exchange for the time they spent to create content.

meMarket Review:

meMarket is the modern market place of all.me digital network. Users can buy and sell different items in meMarket. Different brands are active in meMarket and they sell their products. Users can spend tokens they earn (from advertising revenue share) on meNetwork.

What new value does all.me bring users?

When you review all.me digital network, one of the most impressing thing is the idea of an all in one platform. All.me tries to satisfy all of the user needs in a digital way. The developers of all.me target the most challenging need of human this day: the time.

When you can join a platform where you can communicate, browse, create and share content, buy and sell products and goods, transfer money, and the most important thing, earn some money, there is no need to have lots of applications to do the same thing.

The vision of equality between application or platform and the user is another great idea of all.me. This attitude was the most interesting thing of the platform for me who reviews daily different applications and write articles about them. This attitude is creating a new era in whole digital universe. Why users should spent time and create content just to put money in platform owners pocket? Social medias and all digital platforms only use users for their interests. There is no revenue sharing with user who are the main core of existing of a digital platform or social media. Any digital platform without user means nothing at all. So why just not appreciate users as the most important factor of a platform?

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all.me digital network

Conclusion of all.me review:

By reviewing all.me digital network, I find out that the platform could be huge game changer in near future. All.me has the potential to be a pioneer and market leader in digital networks and social media sector.

all.me application is available in both Android and IOS.

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