About the Author

My name is Lisa, I'm a digital marketer, also a cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enthusiast.

I believe that cryptocurrency and blockchain would be two important elements in our life in near future. These technologies would make human's life easier and like every other technologies it takes time to be involved in everyday life of people.

In 2014 I started a research about blockchain technology and studying the concept of cryptocurrency. Day by day my passion about the topic grew and I dived deeper in every cryptocurrency and blockchain project out there. 












Need of a scam detector

I started motoring and also participating in ICOs related to blockchain and cryptocurrency projects in 2015. In this process I noticed that there are lots of scam projects and fraud people behind them which steal people's money by just telling them fairy tales about their fictional projects.

Since rules and regulations in countries and international level are always far behind than developing technologies like this, Then someone have to help people to recognize scam and fraud projects. Since then I noticed about lack of an organized mechanism which can help people to recognize real prospect projects from scam and high risky ones. 

Our Main goal: To find scam ICOs

So I decided to create a website to review new ICO's, blockchain and cryptocurrency projects. This website is entirely devoted to cryptocurrencies, ICO and real opportunities for earning on cryptocurrencies. Our main goal is to help people choose right ICOs instead of scam ones. 

We analyse each project in terms of quality of the white paper they offer, road map of the project, team member and the token sale. We also try to check how feasible the project is, what are the risks of the project and how realistic it is. Out team of expert consider every factor to rank and analyse ICOs. 

Scammatch: All About Cryptocurrency Projects

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